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Academy Information



South London Academy’s (SLA) vision is to stay a challenging, relevant leader, in order to continue to meet the higher skills needs of an increasingly global marketplace.


Mission Statement

Over the coming five years, SLA will be a sustainable and dynamic contributor to the growth and vitality of the economy in the local community through the pursuit of high-quality yet affordable education and learning, striving to achieve the highest level of excellence and performance for our students. We will extend networks and partnerships with agencies and local governments and run courses that are fit for the global employment market.


SLA's core purpose is to transform the lives of our students, through working with them and with our many partners to provide education, opportunity and positive outcomes.


Strategic Objectives

  • To offer courses/training which are widely demanded and beneficial in meeting potential students’ needs as well as fulfilling the skills shortage needs of the community.
  • To promote fairness, equality and diversity within the Academy
  • To ensure all Academy support adds value to the student experience to optimise achievement.
  • To ensure the Academy has an embedded culture of continuous quality improvement.
  • To ensure the Academy is financially secure.
  • To ensure the Academy demonstrates effective governance and management practices
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