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Terms and Conditions of Admission

Learners are advised to read in full the Academy’s terms and conditions before submitting an application. Learners who submit an application to the Academy will be subject to the terms and conditions detailed below. If you are unsure about any information contained within this page, please speak to a member of the Admissions Team who will be able to advise you further.


Privacy Policy- “We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties”


1. Enrolment Deposits

1.1 To reserve a place on a programme at SLA, applicants must either pay the full programme fee or the minimum enrolment deposit as indicated in the offer letter.


1.2 Learners must allow at least 10 working days for UK bank cheques or direct bank transfers to clear and up to 28 working days for a foreign country bank draft to clear.


1.3 Learners will be liable to pay all necessary bank and/or transfer charges for any application processes.


2. Payment of fees

2.1 All Learners are encouraged to pay their programme fee in full and by doing so will receive a discount. Learners who cannot pay the entire programme fee but would like to pay for each year in full before the start of the academic year will also be entitled to a discount.


2.2 Learners have the option to pay their fee in instalments; this will attract a service charge of 10% and instalments must be paid by direct debit or standing order. An instalment plan will be issued prior to enrolment.


2.3 Dates on which payments are due are clearly indicated on the payment plan and it is the responsibility of individual learners to ensure fees are paid on time.


2.4 The Academy reserves the right to suspend or expel any learner who has overdue fees.


2.5 Learners who have overdue fees may be refused entry to the Academy premises and suspended from attending classes and/ or using academy facilities. This includes the right for the academy to refuse letter requests and cancel learner discount for Oyster cards.


2.6 The Accounts department will advise learners on the methods available for the payment of fees.


2.7 Learners are not permitted to withdraw from their programme of study or change programmes without prior written consent from the Academy. Any learner who decides to withdraw from a programme is not entitled to a refund of any fees paid; he/she will also be liable to pay the remainder of the fee, in its entirety.


2.8 Any learner who is suspended, expelled or withdrawn by the Academy for breach of the Academy’s terms and conditions is not entitled to any refund; he/she will also be liable to pay the remainder of the fee, in its entirety.


2.9 The Academy will take such action, including recourse to the legal process, as it deems necessary to recover all outstanding debt. Any such action will also include the recovery of reasonable costs incurred by the Academy in relation to the recovery procedures.


2.10 The Academy also reserves the right to charge a £25 penalty fee where a payment is made after the applicable instalment due dates. Learners will incur a penalty charge for each missed instalment.


2.11 The whole remaining fee becomes immediately payable for learners who are in breach of their agreement without prior written consent from the Academy.


3. Additional charges

3.1 Some programmes require an additional registration/ examination fee to be paid (this is indicated in the programme fee document). Any such fees are payable directly by the learner; the Academy does not accept any responsibility for non-payment of registration or examination fees.


3.2 Learners will be liable to pay all necessary bank and/ or transfer charges for any application and refund processes.


4. Refund policy – UK/EU students

4.1 Refunds will only be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in clauses 4.2 to 4.9, and provided learners requesting a refund have complied fully with the Academy’s terms and conditions.


4.2 All applications for refunds must be made in writing by submitting a completed ‘Refund Request Form’ to the Accounts Office at least 28 days prior to the programme start date.


4.3 Learners who apply for refunds less than 14 days before the programme start date, the maximum of 50% will be refunded from the total paid fees. In the event that the Accounts Office does not receive this period of notification, a deduction from the refund will be made, equal to the tuition fees for the time spent in the academy on a pro-rata basis. If the learner has already spent more than 50% of the duration of the course at the academy then he/she will be liable to pay the full fees and hence, will not eligible to any refund. Please note £150 administrative charge will be deducted on all refund processes.


4.4 Where the Academy is unable to provide the programme of study for which the learner originally applied for, offered and accepted and the applicant does not want to take up a place on any alternative programme offered, the applicant will be considered for a refund.


4.5 Refunds will only be made via the original payment method; except where the original payment was made by cash.


4.6 Learners are liable to pay any bank/ transfer charges associated with the processing of a refund application.


4.7 The Academy will aim to process all refunds within 8 weeks from the date the complete ‘Refund Request Form’ and any associated documents are received.


4.8 If the learner is eligible for a refund of their fees by bank draft or cheque, the Academy will not be in any way responsible for the draft after its dispatch from the Academy premises and will not issue a replacement draft or cheque if it is lost or misplaced after its receipt at the mailing address provided by the learner.


4.9 Refunds will not be made to a third party unless the Academy has received (written) explicit authorisation from the applicant. This should be in the form of a signed hard-copy letter from the learner, specifically authorising the Academy to refund their fees to a named third party with their identification. This condition applies regardless of the source of the original fee payment.


5. Programme Deferral

5.1 Programme deferrals will be approved in accordance with the Academy Admissions Policy.


5.2 All programme deferrals are subject to application, payment of a deferral fee, and the Academy’s written approval.


5.3 Learners are reminded that as per the Academy’s Admissions Policy all programme deferral requests must be made in writing at least 28 days before the programme start date.


5.4 If a deferral is approved, an admin fee of £150 will be charged.


5.5 Upon deferring their programme, learners waive their right to a refund. Where a learner has deferred their programme, and subsequently fails or attempts to withdraw from the programme, no refund will be provided.


6. Programme transfers

6.1 If a learner wishes to transfer to another programme he/ she must first seek approval from the Operations Director by submitting a request in writing; programme transfers will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.


6.2 If a programme transfer is approved, a £150 administration fee will be charged; this will be payable at the time of transfer.


6.3 The amount of fee paid for the current programme will be transferred to the new programme on a pro rata basis.


6.4 No fees will be refundable in the case of a learner who transfers from one programme to another with lower programme fees. Learners who wish to transfer their studies to a programme with higher tuition fees than their original programme of study must pay the difference of these tuition fees; this will be payable at the time of transfer.


6.5 The Academy reserves the right to refuse programme transfer requests with no liability to the Academy.


Please note: This does not affect your statutory rights. The Academy reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time.


7. Attendance

A record of attendance is kept for each learner. The Academy reserves the right to withdraw a learner’s candidature from examinations and withdraw them from their course if the learner’s attendance record shows that they have attended fewer than 80% of their scheduled lectures. The Academy reserves the right to suspend or expel such learners, without any liability whatsoever to the Academy. In the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent the learner from attending their lectures, the Academy must be informed immediately. (Please refer to the Academy attendance policy published separately.)


8. Course Cancellation:

The Academy reserves the right to cancel any advertised courses due to insufficient admissions or enrolments. Where a course becomes unviable due to low attendance, the academy authorities may cancel classes. The Academy reserves the right to amend, where necessary, fees and start dates of courses. The Academy prospectus/brochure is subject to alteration without prior notice. In case of course cancellation, the learner can only make refund request if the Academy has failed to offer an alternative arrangements.


9. Teaching Centres:

South London Academy reserves the right to run its courses at its any centre with prior notice. We may re-allocate your teaching centre or transfer your enrolment to our partner institutions.


10. Academic Progress:

The Academy reserves the right to expel or transfer learners who fail to complete or submit compulsory coursework, assignments and/or projects to the appropriate tutors or who fail to satisfactorily progress their understanding of the subject matter taught on their chosen course, without any liability to the Academy.
Learners who make exceptional progress in their studies and who are subsequently able to cover their course syllabus and pass associated examinations prior to the scheduled end date of their course will not be able to maintain their learner status beyond the date of completion of their examinations without re-enrolling on a new course of study representing a clear academic progression from their previous academic endeavours.
Learners wishing to continue studying at South London Academy after their previous studies have ended in either of the above circumstances must re-enrol on a new course of study. New enrolments in either of these cases will incur the Academy’s standard course fees.


11. Examination/Awarding Body Entry:

Only those learners who complete their attendance requirements, do not have any pending financial dues, are not barred from examinations by the Accounts Department due to disciplinary or other misdemeanours and have no failings or discrepancies in their academic record are allowed to take periodic examinations for their course, provided their Lead Tutor has recommended that they take such exams.


Where applicable, the learner must seek and obtain a certificate of eligibility or similar from the appropriate awarding body before applying for a course at South London Academy and pay the registration and examination fees to the respective body directly.


Learners must understand that gaining admission into the Academy does not necessarily guarantee their registration with such bodies. In the event that the Examining Body refuses a learner’s application to register for examinations for their chosen course of study, the learner must either register for a programme that will qualify them for their chosen course of study or for a course in a similar field available at the Academy but of a lower level.


When requested, the Academy will inform, counsel and assist learners in negotiating different external examination entry procedures. However, it is the responsibility of learners to keep themselves informed and prepared for such examinations as recommended by the Academy and to register with these authorities as Learner Members well in advance. Learners will be expected to pay all learner examination and membership fees. The Academy does not charge any fee for helping learners in this regard.


12. Books and Stationery:

The Academy will assist learners in acquiring recommended textbooks and relevant materials at reasonable cost. Some reference material is available in the Learning Resource Centre for consultation. Learners must arrange to acquire and read the required textbooks and course study materials prior to the relevant lecture. Learners should also arrange to purchase such stationary as may be needed for their studies.


13. Personal Conduct:

The Academy imposes a strict code of conduct on its learners. South London Academy expects its learners to behave as responsible and mature individuals and to act within the moral and legal norms of society, whether they are on Academy premises or otherwise.


The use of recreational drugs, alcohol or tobacco products are prohibited on Academy premises. Learners are required to attend all lectures, classes and tests and to submit written work as required by tutors.


14. Changes and Amendments:

The Academy reserves the right to amend advertised course content, tuition fees and start dates for its courses with prior notice. The Academy reserves the right to change the advertised examining body for any or all of the courses offered. The Academy reserves the right to conduct classes in any of the Academy (or partner Academy’s) premises, including temporarily hired or rented rooms. The Academy reserves the right to amend or alter its prospectus/brochure. The Academy reserves the right to amend or alter any or all of these Terms and Conditions.

Learners are reminded to visit the Academy website regularly for the details of up-to-date Terms and Conditions.


15. Disclaimer:

It is the learner’s responsibility to provide valid and up-to-date contact information for themselves and, when appropriate, their agent. This contact information should include a working e-mail address. The Academy will assume that any method of communication for which the learner has provided contact information, including e-mail, is secure. The Academy will not be liable for any damages, financial or otherwise, resulting from the release of the learner’s personal information to a third party as a result of communicationwith an invalid or insecure contact point or the interception of communication with said contact point, be it a postal or e-mail address, a telephone or fax number or an SMS.


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