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Level 2 Diploma in Pharmacy Science and NVQ in Pharmacy Service Skills in London

Level 2 Diploma in Pharmacy Science and NVQ in Pharmacy Service Skills

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Level 2 Diploma in Pharmacy Science and NVQ in Pharmacy Service Skills

The level 2 qualification in pharmacy science and service skills provides medicine counter assistants, dispensary assistants and assistant technical officers (ATOs) the knowledge and skills they require to competently demonstrate the legal and procedural aspects of working in a pharmacy.


The course will give the learner the in-depth knowledge to carry out their role and assessment in the workplace will ensure that the learner can competently apply the knowledge gained safely in their work environment.


The classroom will ensure that the learner can discuss their experiences and learn from other learners in different working environments that they can apply in the workplace. These qualifications will be an ideal start to a career in pharmacy and will offer a sound base for the learner to qualify for the level 3 qualifications and register a pharmacy technician. 


Entry Requirements

Student applying either needs to be in a minimum of 7 hours of work placement at the start of the course or find a work placement within 3 months of starting the course. A learner must be working in a pharmacy or pharmacy department under the supervision of a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. The learner is expected to have an English and Mathematics qualification at GCSE grade C or equivalent. The college will provide voluntary work placement of 7 hours a week within 1-hour distance from the college (*Subject to terms and conditions).


If the learner does not have the required English or Mathematics qualification, the learner will be expected to complete the qualification at the academy simultaneously as the level 2 qualification.


Payment Option Details:

£900 £83 x12 = £996


Course Duration:

  • 12 months 

Course Content

Pharmaceutical Science

  • Unit 251 Communicating with pharmacy customers
  • Unit 252 Law, regulation, health and safety in pharmacy 
  • Unit 253 Working in the pharmacy team
  • Unit 254 Ordering and issuing stock in the pharmacy
  • Unit 255 Receiving, storing and maintaining stock in the pharmacy  
  • Unit 258 Selling over the counter medicines in the pharmacy
  • Unit 259 Processing a prescription  
  • Unit 260 Assemble prescriptions safely


Pharmacy Services (7 units will be chosen from the below list)

  • Unit 201 Assist with the provision of a pharmacy service to meet individuals’ needs  
  • Unit 202 Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
  • Unit 203 Contribute to the effectiveness of teams
  • Unit 204 Assist in the sale of medicines and products
  • Unit 305 Receive prescriptions from individuals
  • Unit 206 Assemble prescribed items
  • Unit 207 Order routine pharmaceutical stock 
  • Unit 311 Receive pharmaceutical stock
  • Unit 312 Maintain pharmaceutical stock 
  • Unit 210 Assist in the issuing of pharmaceutical stock 
  • Unit 314 Undertake an in-process accuracy check of assembled prescribed items prior to the final accuracy check


Qualification Delivery

The qualification is completed through blended learning. The learner will attend class once a week for 6 months in combination with home learning and be assessed by multiple-choice questions exams at the academy to complete the 10 mandatory units before certification of the pharmacy science qualification. 


Once the learner has received the necessary training in the workplace, the learner will be assessed in the workplace to cover 7 units which will be assessed by an allocated experienced assessor. Assessments can be demonstrated through a variety of assessment methods such as observation, reflective accounts, professional discussions or witness testimonies over a minimum of 6 months. Total course duration is expected to be a maximum of 12 months for the two qualifications.


Support Provided

The learner will be allocated a tutor and an assessor. The tutor will focus on the pharmacy science qualification and the assessor will support the NVQ qualification. The learner will also be assigned a workplace mentor to support training in the workplace.





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